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Alaska Wellness Coalition is now launching: The Alaska Wellness Network! 



The Alaska Wellness Coalition is a statewide coalition that connects Alaskan coalitions, organizations, and individuals together with the purpose of establishing a statewide prevention & wellness network that focuses on strengthening existing efforts, networking, sharing resources and identifying opportunities for collaboration and alignment to improve health and wellness in Alaska.

The coalition supports local prevention efforts by providing coalition backbone support & networking, prioritizing advocacy & policy work, facilitating data and resource sharing and training opportunities.

The Alaska Wellness Coalition encourages communities across Alaska to participate, and actively engages in outreach to rural Alaska to ensure that all Alaskan voices are heard.

AWC welcomes Stephanie Stillwell, our new Coalition Coordinator!

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Numbers That Have Impact

Alaska Wellness Coalition is dedicated to data-driven work.

Read more about how our collaborative approach to achieving desired results.

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April 2019 AWC Coalition Call

This month’s Coalition call will take place TOMORROW, April 9 from 11am-12pm. Our guest speaker will be Laura Norton Cruz from the Alaska Resilience Initiative. Interested in joining the conversation? Dial 1-855-506-1445. There is no conference code.

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