2017 Positive Cultural Framework & Communications Training, June 15-16

I am one of them.jpg2017 Positive Culture Framework & Communications Training June 15-16

Alaska Wellness Coalition invites you to a 2-day training including: an overview of the Positive Culture Framework & Communications Skills Training! Learn how culture influences behavior, how to begin cultivating community transformation, the benefits of a comprehensive prevention approach and developing skills to plan a variety of communications.

Registration Link Here! 

Coalitions from around Alaska are working on or planning on doing communications campaigns for Be [You], Marijuana education campaigns, Opiate education, parent/family educational campaigns or suicide prevention campaigns. This is an outstanding training that will be tremendously beneficial to your work and we would love for you to attend!

For further information about the Positive Cultural Framework, please check out the information page at the Center for Health & Safety Culture at Montana State University. WhatIsPCF-300x172.jpg

AWC is excited to have Katie Dively, M.S., CHES, facilitate the training event. Katie has been working with Alaska Wellness Coalition for over three years with the initial Positive Community Norms training, held in Anchorage prior to original development and launch of the Be [You]. Positive Community Norms media campaign. She is familiar with Alaska and some of the public health issues Alaskans face.

If you have further questions about the training event, please contact Stephanie Allen, Executive Director, United Way of Mat-Su at sallen@unitedwaymatsu.org, or 907-745-5821.

The training will be held at Alaska Garden Gate B&B and Cottages, 950 N Old Trunk Road
Palmer, Alaska 99645.

“I am one of them.”

I am one of them filming Dec2015 d
“I am one of them.” filming in December 2015

Hello, my name is Logan Daniels-Engevold and I am a member of the Healthy Voices Healthy Choices coalition here in Anchorage, Alaska. As a youth involved in the filming of the newest installation of the Be [You] campaign, I had a great time during the making of the commercials. I was working with John Conn with Stage 2 Productions to film. He is a great filmmaker and really made sure that the youth involved with the project had a voice and would say what they felt. The youth voice is really what sets this commercial apart from others I have been involved in making.

I am one of them filming Dec2015 c.pngJohn brought some really nice equipment with him to make this commercial, such as a RED camera which has been used to film many Hollywood movies. It is super clear and has a million different options to film with. John and I started in Wasilla, filming the Air Force JROTC program at Wasilla High School. After John and I finished that shoot, we headed out to Palmer to film teenagers in the area hanging out. Then John and I came back to Anchorage to film a couple more scenes. That all happened in day one.

I am one of them filming Dec2015 a.pngDay two started bright and early with a plane ride to Ketchikan. Once in Ketchikan, John and I immediately started filming high school students at Ketchikan High School. The shots we took in Ketchikan were at a dock, at a coffee shop, and at a house with a few inspirational outdoor shots as well (weather permitting). The second day John and I were in Ketchikan it rained sideways and everyone and everything got drenched to the bone. But even with the bad weather I still had a great time during the making of these commercials and learned a lot from John.


Kodiak Strong!

The Kodiak Strong! Community Planning Day had about 30 participants who generated about 20 unique ideas (after the combining process). Once the dual voting process was complete and scores were tallied, two initiatives tied! Healthy Tomorrows was able to provide an additional $2,000 for the third initiative, thanks to the generous sponsorships of KANA and Providence.

The Kodiak Strong! initiatives for 2015:

  1. Kodiak Grown: Co-op featuring locally grown produce, resources and local seafood.
  2. Strengthening downtown through business incubation, cultural events and arts making.
  3. Housing first: supportive housing for the homeless, including a community coordinator.

These initiatives have 365 days to utilize their funding from Healthy Tomorrows. Each initiative will hold a kickoff meeting, which will be open to the public, and poised to provide additional information and sign up volunteers. Healthy Tomorrows will provide technical assistance to the projects (promotions, grant identification, etc).

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