promoting civic engagement

The work of the Alaska Wellness Coalition is based upon relationships –  how we relate to ourselves, each other and the issues we care about. These relationships work at different levels.  First you have a meeting,  then maybe a second get together, perhaps you get more involved and then voila you’re engaged in the process. And like any relationship building, promoting civic engagement is an ongoing process that requires continual nurturance, if not those connections can dissipate. By cultivating deeper relationships between  coalitions and groups around the state, diverse individuals and affiliate members within the public and private sectors, AWC promotes an Alaska where all communities thrive

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Meet & Greet luncheon at Statewide Grantees Conference expands & deepens Alaska Wellness Coalition


Over 50 folks from around Alaska enjoyed lunch and robust conversation in Anchorage on October 1 at the Department of Health and Human Services Behavioral health grantees meeting. AWC community leaders hosted table talk envisioning what the issues are in local communities and how a statewide coalition could respond. Attendees learned about the AWC’s primary coordinated effort, the Positive Community Norms (PCN)  Be [You] media campaign to reduce underage alcohol use and ways to get involved with the coalition.