Kodiak Strong!

The Kodiak Strong! Community Planning Day had about 30 participants who generated about 20 unique ideas (after the combining process). Once the dual voting process was complete and scores were tallied, two initiatives tied! Healthy Tomorrows was able to provide an additional $2,000 for the third initiative, thanks to the generous sponsorships of KANA and Providence.

The Kodiak Strong! initiatives for 2015:

  1. Kodiak Grown: Co-op featuring locally grown produce, resources and local seafood.
  2. Strengthening downtown through business incubation, cultural events and arts making.
  3. Housing first: supportive housing for the homeless, including a community coordinator.

These initiatives have 365 days to utilize their funding from Healthy Tomorrows. Each initiative will hold a kickoff meeting, which will be open to the public, and poised to provide additional information and sign up volunteers. Healthy Tomorrows will provide technical assistance to the projects (promotions, grant identification, etc).

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promoting civic engagement

The work of the Alaska Wellness Coalition is based upon relationships –  how we relate to ourselves, each other and the issues we care about. These relationships work at different levels.  First you have a meeting,  then maybe a second get together, perhaps you get more involved and then voila you’re engaged in the process. And like any relationship building, promoting civic engagement is an ongoing process that requires continual nurturance, if not those connections can dissipate. By cultivating deeper relationships between  coalitions and groups around the state, diverse individuals and affiliate members within the public and private sectors, AWC promotes an Alaska where all communities thrive

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