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What DO teens wants from the adults in their lives? Listen below as Alaskan Teens Talk…

Learn more about how social media platforms can send messages, create connections and make a difference in the community by listening to the webinars provided below!

Be [Social]: Media training for youth-  May 3, 2019

Learn how activists, especially youth, are using social media platforms to send a message and make a difference in their communities. We discuss Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, meme-making, engaging with celebs and pop culture and more in this one hour webinar.

Be [Social]: Media training for youth- May 5, 2019

Instagram is a particularly important platform for youth activists. Hear how teens have used the platform to mobilize and how it fits in with the big picture on digital strategies. We also cover how to make powerful visuals and videos, engage with pop culture figures online and more.

Be [You]: Social media training for adults- June 17, 2019

Learn best practices for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and how to build social media into your organization’s strategy.  Learn how to take powerful photos and make graphics even if you have no design experience.


AWC utilizes the Positive Cultural Framework model to inform our work. Visit The Center for Health & Safety Culture’s website for more tools and a deeper dive into PCF.


Coalition Building Resources from the Community Toolbox


Advocacy Training:

Joint Advocacy through the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

Recover Alaska’s Advocacy Efforts

Thank you to Recover Alaska for this recorded recent Advocacy Training Seminar! To view in-screen, press play below. Or, visit the YouTube channel.

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