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Intro to Advocacy Training with Teri Tibbett,  Advocacy Coordinator  -Alaska Mental Health Board, Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Alaska FASD Partnership

Tuesday, February 23 (to be rescheduled)


Call 1 (866) 576-7975, participant code 154373#


Training details:

Advocacy 101: How to Talk to Policymakers and Influence Public Policy.  This one hour training will focus on how to participate effectively in funding and policy decisions at the Alaska State Legislature. Topics will include: how to effectively tell your personal story to a policymaker and ask for what you want in a way that promotes success, what are some key issues currently on legislators’ plates related to social services, how give short and sweet public testimony, and tips for advocacy from home.


Learning objectives:  1) To understand the importance of telling one’s personal story to influencing public policy; 2) To practice telling our personal story in 3-5 minutes (meetings with policymakers or public testimony is short!) and include the most relevant (and influential) information; 3) To have a basic knowledge of the legislative process and some topical issues; 4) To learn easy and powerful ways to advocate from home.


Target group: Peers, providers, administrators, business owners, anyone who is interested in learning how to communicating their opinions to policymakers.


Attendance participation:  The workshop will include hands-on individual sharing of personal stories within the group, honing elements of one’s personal story to include an introduction, challenges and successes, and an “ask” for what the policymaker can do.

Peer Participation: All participants will share their stories in the workshop as a way to practice what to do in a policymaker’s office, but also to build confidence.


Teri Tibbett Biography

Teri Tibbett is the Advocacy Coordinator for the Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Board on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, and works closely with the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority in coordinating their advocacy efforts. She also serves as Coordinator for the Alaska Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Partnership. In these roles she works with people impacted by mental illness, substance use disorders, FASD, brain injury, developmental disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to facilitate a better understanding and participation in the public process. Teri served as a legislative aide for 10 years with the Alaska State Legislature and continues to be actively involved in the legislative process


For 2014-2015, the AWC Policy & Advocacy Committee has focused on three key issues that have a significant impact both statewide and locally. They are Underage Alcohol Consumption, Marijuana Legalization & Regulation, and Medicaid Expansion.

AWC’s focus in October/November 2015 is tied to getting information out to communities throughout Alaska via member coalitions on the opportunity to provide comments on proposed regulations tied to Regulation of the Marijuana Industry.

Please keep an eye on our web site and/or our Facebook Page for information regarding AWC Policy & Advocacy meetings, as we prepare to get the word out!

To view the proposed regulations and provide comments, please follow links on the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development web site for the Marijuana Control Board.

Wanna Start a Conversation? 

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 4.10.45 PM

AWC Start the Conversation – Marijuana

Need More Information?

Here is an analysis of the current draft regulations prepared for Alaska Wellness Coalition: 

Alaska Marijuana Regulations White Paper for AWC Oct2015

Key highlights of the analysis are also available: 

Alaska Marijuana Regulation White Paper AWC – Key Highlights

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