Mission, Vision, & Values

Alaska Wellness Coalition Operating Principles


Alaska Wellness Coalition envisions communities throughout Alaska where individuals thrive in an environment that supports healthy choices.


The Alaska Wellness Coalition works collectively to improve the health and wellness of all Alaskans. The Coalition networks local and regional health and wellness alliances through information sharing of state and local data, evidence-based programming, best practices, strategic prevention, current health trends, funding opportunities, and statewide advocacy for health promotion.


Alaska Wellness Coalition’s primary current initiative is collaboration with other local agencies to facilitate change through advocacy.

AWC continues to promote the Be[You] media campaign. Be[You] utilizes the Positive Community Framework model to reduce youth substance use. Sharing positive messages and shedding light on the great things being accomplished by Alaska’s youth will promote healthy behavior and elevate youth in our communities. Read more about Be[You] here.


  • Community Buy-In & CollaborationBy approaching our work through a focus on shared values and community engagement, we can ensure that ideas, resources and shared vision create an inclusive coalition where all feel welcome.
  • Positive Community Framework. The Coalition invests in efforts that strengthen protective factors while working to reduce those factors associated with risk. Read more about Positive Community Framework theory and practice here.
  • Innovation, Celebration and Communication.